Afropunk Brooklyn 2018

Afropunk Brooklyn in Commodore Barry Park

August 25th, 2018

Photography by Mr.Hollis.King


This year we attended Afropunk Brooklyn for our second time in a row.  As expected the experience was amazing.  There were a lot of great performers this year like Daniel Caesar, H.E.R and Erykah Badu

In addition to the amazing performers, they where also so many venders and food trucks that offered all types of foods catering to all diets including vegan food.  Although the venue was packed, waiting for anything in line didn't take as long as we expected.  The service was amazing and the park was clean! 


As usual, we documented our process of getting ready for Afropunk and posted a video on our YouTube Channel. In the GRWU (Get ready with us) for Afropunk video we walked you through our African eccentric inspired makeup look, but we didn't really talk much about our hair. Lol obviously.. it's very different. We were inspired by actress Yara Shahidi and Youtuber TheChicNatural. We both had different hairstyles but very similar with the braids and the pony tail in the back. Ashley did two braids down the side of her face (with extensions) with a middle part and added gold cuffs down the braid for some pizzazz, then a regular low ponytail with our HerGivenHair clip in extensions. Angelique also had two braids down the side of her face but they were braided backwards starting from behind her ear towards her edges, also adding some gold cuffs to the braid. Plus a top knot and a pony tail with extensions as well. 

Now for the outfit! 

Check out our Come Shop With us for Afropunk video to watch the process of shopping the look. Our dresses are from  Urban Outfitters Gabrielle Linen Midi Wrap Dress  We really felt like these dresses gave off a very relaxed, festival vibe while being comfortable and simple. We're wearing and XS (x-small) 

Check out our vlog from Afropunk Brooklyn 2018! We're showing you our POV from the event including the live performances! Thank you for reading all about of Afropunk experience! Until next time XOXO

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