Camel Tones & Layering

One of the easiest and most effortless looks you can put together is a monochromatic look, and for the fall/ winter, we've been loving a camel/ muted tone look. Since the temperatures are dropping, laying will quickly become your best friend. Admittedly, laying can sometimes look bunchy and unflattering. So how do you make laying look fashionable? The key to achieving this look to mix materials and different fabrics. This will not only make you look like you've tried a lot harder then you actually did, but this automatically elevates the look and makes you look expensive!

Here, we took a basic nude long sleeve turtle neck (from H&M) and paired it with a long nude button down cardigan (from Cotton On). Then we added a black Ellen Tracy belt with gold hardware around the waist. Adding the belt gives you shape and cinches in the waist so you don't look boxy. We also added some gold hoop earrings to compliment the gold hardware in the belt. Though, both the turtle neck and the cardigan are cotton material, they both have different textures, and slightly different shades of nude. This small detail adds dimension into the look.

Now, to turn this look up a notch, we added another layer. Not only for warmth, but to make this entire look appear more interesting. We styled this camel trench (from H&M) on top of the two other layers to then again add another shade of nude. Then to compliment the coat and the gold hardware on the belt and the earrings, we added this Michael Kors Vanna Brown leather crossbody bag.

A monochromatic look can be recreated with many other colors as well, royal blues, bright purples, fuchsia pink etc. It's so effortless because all you have to do a pick and color and carry it throughout the whole look. We hope you find some inspiration for you next look and some ideas for staying warm but looking amazing! Thanks for stopping by! XOXO

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