Current favorite winter skin care products

As the temperature drops and our skin becomes dry, it's very important for us to change up our skincare routine according to the weather. So we whip out our most hydrating and nourishing products to keep our acne prone skin healthy! We picked our top 3 most used and loved products this season to help fight acne and keep our skin clear and moisturized.

Clearasil Vanishing Acne Treatment Cream. GLAMGLOW Flashmud Brightening Treatment. Heritage Store Rosewater


Unfortunately, we both have very acne prone skin. Although we both have seen tremendous improvement with our skin after taking birth control, we still have random acne breakouts due to diets or products that may not agree with our skin. Clearasil vanishing acne cream has helped out a lot with the breakouts because of the 10% benzoyl peroxide that's in it. We like to apply the cream after washing our face and applying a toner to help control our oily skin. After 24 hours, we already start seeing the inflammation of our skin go down and the acne begins to dry up and heal. We have been obsessed with this product and have seen the best results after using this specific brand of benzoyl peroxide.

GLAMGLOW Flashmud Brightening Treatment

Glamglow is one of our favorite skincare brands and this flashmud is the TRUTH! Although this products is a bit pricy, it's definitely worth the splurge. We usually apply the mask at night after a shower, leave in on for 30 minuets or until dry, wash it off and moisturize. In the morning our skin is glowing and feels super moisturized! The results are beautiful and because the texture of the mask is very rough, it also exfoliates the skin while you wash off the mask. This product is definitely one of our favorite products that we have ever tried.

Heritage Store Rosewater

Rosewater is a new product added to our skincare routine but it will definitely be sticking around for awhile. Rosewater has so many benefits to your skin like balancing your pH and controlling excess oils that your skin may produce. Rosewater has anti inflammatory properties that help reduce redness and irrateted skin. We spritz rosewater on our face after we wash it to help hydrate and soothe the skin after exfoliating. Aside the the great benefits of using rosewater on the skin, it smells amazing!

We hope this blog post was informative and helpful if you're struggling with keeping your skin healthy this winter season. Thanks so much for reading! We hope you enjoy. Be sure to check out our YouTube channel to watch videos on some other skincare products that we're obsessed with. You can find everything under our Skincare playlist.

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