Being devoted members of the natural hair community, we both are ALWAYS on the hunt for the best new products. Our hair can always be more moisturized, more defined, even more healthier! There's always room for improvement! So when we heard that one of our favorite YouTuber's, Naptural85 a.k.a Whitney White is launching a haircare line, we knew we needed to get in on this! Whitney has been making videos on Youtube for almost 10 years now and she's taking us along on her natural hair journey. After chopping off her hair and completely starting over, she began looking for products that will help her hair grow, stay moisturized, detangled and help create great styles. Just like today, there just isn't enough products on the market that'll make that happen. IT'S SO HARD FOR US right? We quickly learned that if they don't sell it, we have to make it! And that's exactly what she did! Hence why her haircare line is so nostalgic because she's manufactured and produce products that she use to make in her kitchen for herself and her subscribers. Melanin Haircare was announced late 2018 and was officially excepting preorders that will then be shipped in February 2019 but was years in the making. Being that we've been loyal watchers of Whitey, to trust her and take a leap of faith and preorder both of her haircare products, the Twist Elongating Style Cream and the Multi- Use Pure Oil Blend was a no brainer.

Whitney made a video after announcing the launch of Melanin Haircare on her Youtube channel demonstrating how to properly use her products. We love that on the website, she lists every single ingredient in the products and if you see an ingredient that you aren't sure about, you can click on it and it will tell you exactly what it is and how it benefits the hair. GENIUS! This feature allows you to know exactly what's in your hair products, no secrets. That's just one of the unique things about this haircare line. We did a a full review on Melanin Haircare on our youtube channel plus a demonstration and a long wear test.

We're so proud of Whitney and what she's created. You can really tell that she put her heart and soul into this brand and it's truly inspiring. She has built Melanin Haircare from the ground up, and it's already proven to be a success only existing for a few weeks. We're so excited for what's to come for this brand, we want shampoos, conditioners, leave in conditioners and more! We're looking forward to support everything she continues to do because its a 10/10 for us so far! We'll link the Melanin Haircare website below for you to browse through yourself. Thanks so much for stopping by! XOXO

The preorders came with the cutest Melanin lollipops (it's all in the details)

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