Fall in finally here! Our favorite season and we're so excited! Not only do we love the falling leaves, pumpkin everything, and the cozy weather, but we especially love the fall fashion! We we born in NY, where the weather get's below freezing, and for awhile we went back and forth, but now we're currently living in Florida. Oh Florida, where the weather always stays the same... HOT! We do experience some colder days in mid December to February, so yes coats are still necessary here.

To us, fall is all about layering and the vibrant warm color scheme! Rust oranges, brown hues, rich burgundy, brunt yellows etc. Through, we believe that this year, fall is all about (you guessed it) ANIMAL PRINT! We're obsessed! Faux furs and leathers of course. There's something about animal print that is borderline tacky, but fabulous. It's a mood, it's a vibe, and better yet animal print, such as leopard and zebra are all muted nude tones so it fits the seasons color scheme.

Because animal print is mainly muted nude tones, it's almost guaranteed to look amazing when paired together. If you look back at our How to Mix Prints blog post, we explained that colors work together best when they are paired with colors in the same color family. Take us back to the color wheel in Kindergarten art class learning about primary and secondary colors lol. Thats how you find colors that compliment each other well. Therefore, it doesn't matter what the prints are, you can mix prints as long as the colors work together.

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