We were so excited to hear about the launch of Pattern Beauty, Tracee Ellis Ross' hair care line. Aside from our love for Tracee and how absolutely stunning she is, we were excited to see yet another haircare line curated for curly hair on the market. The evolution of beauty products specified for naturals is so refreshing to see and we were more than happy to review it.

This haircare line is truly like nothing we've seen before. Each conditioner is curated for different curl patterns which is so important, it almost feels personalized like everyone has their own curated conditioner for their hair type. Not many brands realize that curly hair is not a one-size fits all thing. Curls grow in many different sizes and shapes, even with some kinks and coils and they each demand different types of product. At Ulta, we picked up the Hydration Shampoo 9.8fl oz ($20) which is a universal shampoo for curlies, coilies, and tight textures. To go with the shampoo, we also picked up the Intensive Conditioner for tight textures 29fl oz ($42) and the Universal Leave in Conditioner 9.8fl oz ($25). Although the line consist of more products like hair serums, shower brush, microfiber towel and hair clip, we didn't feel it was necessary to try those because they're considered basic, staple items that we already have.

Lets discuss packaging! Major heart eyes to say the least! We love the simplicity yet bold take on the theme for this line. It's modern and chic and so different from anything else seen on the shelfs. The portion size of these products are extremely generous and you certainly get what you paid for.

Overall, Pattern Beauty is a beautiful, well thought out hair care line created by a beautiful person who constantly makes it her mission to bring diversity and inclusivity to the fore front. To hear what we thought about Pattern beauty and how well it worked in our hair, head over to our Youtube channel or click the video below to watch our full review on Pattern Beauty where we go more in-depth about each product!

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