Miami Spring Break Getaway

Updated: Mar 12

It's no secret that our lives are booked and busy. Making time to do even the most basic task like washing our hair has now become something that must be scheduled to ensure that it gets done. A vacation is long overdue for us and although taking a roadtrip to miami isnt the ideal destination for our getaway, it's what we were able to squeeze into our schedule.

So in otherwords, on March 27th (the last day of school until we started spring break) we walked off that campus with only one thing on our mind, A BREAK! Finally. We cleared our schedules, no work, no blogging, left all our equitment, cameras, even our laptop home and headed to sunny Miami.

First order of business was to go to the beach! We haven't been to the beach in forever so we were excited to slip on our swinwear and head to Hollywood Beach. The beach was packed and the water was a bit cold but nontheless, the weather was perfect and we got some great photos because you know we do it for the gram from time to time. Afterwards we stopped by Dutch Pot Jamaican Restaurant for some comfort food. Lately that's all we've been craving! Oxtail with rice and peas, plantains on the side and some ginger beer or sorrel to top it off! Yes lawd!

The next day we decided to take a boujee route and start our morning off with breakfast at the Dior Cafe. You read right, thee Dior! This experience was beautiful and certaintly out of our element but something we wouldn't mind getting use to. We drove to the Design District and went inside the Dior store and rode the fancy elevator up to the 4th floor. Getting off the elevator we made a sharp turn to our left and pushed open the doors into the gorgeous Dior Cafe. At first site it felt like LUXUARY like MONEY! It's all SO CUTE! We were seated immediately and had a cute shaded spot with a foliage backgroud perfect for pictures.

We glanced at the menu and well... just as we suspected, very overpriced. When it comes to Dior and their handbags and shoes, we get it, It's luxury handcrafted pieces made with imported materials and tediously sown by hand. That never goes unapprecaited in our eyes so the price is justified. However when we see a $10 glass of lemonade on the menu we have to ask ourselves, "are we doing too much?". All jokes aside, we went there knowing that this was going to be expensive but we did it for the experince. So no regrets. In our party, we ordered 2 glasses of lemonade, an acai bowl and chocolate royal mousse. Everything was really good and the presentaion was stunning.

After breakfast we spend the rest of the day at the Aventura Mall to shop our favorite stores. Zara, H&M and Free People to name a few.

The next day, Sunday morning we went out to Brunch at Shooters Waterfront Resturant. Luckily it was such a beautiful day out because this resturant is absoulety gorgeous! The staff was so nice, the food and drinks were amazing and the view was unforgettable. We ordered sauteed mussels, shrimp po-boy and fish tacos. All so good! Definitely would reccomend this location for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner.

So that was our Miami getaway! Super untraditional then what most college students would do when they go to miami but this was our idea of fun. A lot of eating and trying new resturants and of course shopping. It was a much needed break from our everyday life that can be very overwheliming. However, just like anything else, it has to come to an end so it's back to reality. Thanks for stopping by xoxo!

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