MIXING PRINTS (spring & summer)

Mixing prints may be the most riskiest move you can make in fashion. You can either do it really right, or very wrong! It's one of those things that most people wouldn't dare to attempt, because you can easily end up looking like a clown (been there). So what's the secret to successfully mixing prints?

1. Sticking With Similar Undertones.

For instance, you can pair red, with pink and purple together because they're all "berry tones" bright warm tones. Experimenting with neutrals is a great start, a lot safe too. Cheetah print is currently our favorite, it's bold but subtle. Pairing a neutral snakeskin, cheetah or leopard print goes great with a neutral plaid, polka dot or stripe. Stick with the neutral tones like tan, beige, brown and black. We have paired this great cheetah top H&m with a H&M sparkly midi length skirt. Though they are different colors, they are both warm shades. Then we added a pop of color with bright orange heels from Zara and a bag to match. Notice how the bag has hints of orange to match the shoes, and hints of black to pull in the dark elements from the top. Actually, without the bag, this look wouldn't work because the bag ties in all of the shades in one piece. Genius right?

2. Accessories Just Might Save You.

Accessories may be that small detail that'll save you from looking like a clown. Mentioned before, something so simple like a bag/clutch can marry the whole look together. We also paired this super fun cheetah printed dress with some green, blue and black flower strappy heels from Zara. I know what you're thinking, flowers and cheetah print?It's a little quirky but the black in the shoes ties in well with the black details in the dress, then we added this bright green handbag to bring out the green in the shoes. We also added this adorable cheetah printed hair tie to our wrist for an unconventional bracelet because, why not?

3. Carry one color throughout the look.

This will help make your whole outfit more cohesive. So pick a color, any color. In this next look, we both kept black and white throughout the look but we added in some pops of color and mixed matched prints. I bet you never thought that strips and polka dots would look good together, honestly neither did we. With a little experimenting, we realized that you can totally pair stripes and polka dots together as long as they have the same colors. You can also add a pop of color with your shoes, pants, top, bag, whatever you like.

They say fashion has no rules. While this is true, they're are some tips in fashion that you can choose to apply, or not. The whole point of fashion is to wear what makes you feel confident, and maybe step out of your comfort zone a little. Why not? Life is way too short to be wearing the same styles. Something as simple as mixing prints maybe that thing that you end up loving. Thanks so much for stopping by XOXO!

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