This summer we HAD IT with our natural hair! It was too hot and were too busy to be detangling and moisturizing every day. In the past we've considered faux locs but couldn't find anybody who could install them for us properly for a reasonable price. However, this year we decided to just do it ourselves. Looking back, that was an extremely bold move for two girls who always play it super safe with our hair. Surprisingly they turned out WAYYYY better than be expected. Now, I might be making it sound much easier to install than it really is but trust us, these took FOREVER (total of 14 hours) to install.

These are crochet locs so we did each loc individually by crocheting through our hair which we twist, then unravelling the loc and wrapping it around our two-strand twist. I know it's hard to explain and it's much easier to watch it being done so we recommend you watch tons of videos before you attempt this style. Our plan is to make a video in how we did it in the future but for the first time around we didn't really know if we were ready to teach being that this is our first time too.

Believe it or not this photo was taken right before we took the locs down after 5 weeks and they still looked really neat and fresh. We actually think they look better the longer you have them it. When they're freshly done they look "too neat".

What I love most about the hair that we used is that it's very light and flexible. We were able to try so many different styles with these locs including a bun. One of our concerns before installing was being able to sleep comfortably. A big deal! We don't like to compromise our sleep for our hair (to each is own). But they're very comfortable and light, super easy to sleep on.

These are the packs of hair that we used and purchased from a local beauty supply store. We really wanted these locs to look as natural as possible so we used 3 different colors and 2 different styles in our hair. The darkest color was black (2) and 20 inches long. The second color was a very dark brown (4) also 20 inches long. The third hair was brown and blonde 24 inch loc. We absolutely love this combination of locs, it looked so natural and looked even better as we wore them overtime. The different lengths makes the locs look even more natural.

We know that summer is coming to an end very soon but we wanted to share our new favorite protective style with you. This is style is defiantly something we'd do again because once it's installed it takes no effort to do your hair every morning. A great option for busy moms, busy college students or just a hard working woman who simply don't not have time to do her hair everyday. Thanks for reading! XOXO Ashley&Angelique

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