We're one week into the new year and it was a goal for us to create a vision board to help us reach our goals this year. A vision board is a display of words and images that inspire you to work toward your goals to motivate you to achieve them. Being that 2018 was a really tough year for us and we didn't really have any direction on what we wanted to do or where to go, we knew this year we needed to ensure that wouldn't happen again. We decided to make a digital vision board and we printed it our and hung it on our wall to look at and read everyday.

One change that we are making it a priority to do is waking up early! Sleeping in VERY late is an awful habit that unforntaley we have adapted. It prevented us from making the most our of day and resulting in us going to sleep super late.

Another goal that we are working towards this new year is growing our Youtube channel and expanding our brand. Both are very important to us and we want to work on becoming more of a brand and increase our productivity. For the past 2 years, we've been trying to figure out our niche on Youtube. Unfortunately we still haven't figure it out yet but as for our blog which is still fairly new, we're trying to make this blog our place to talk about whatever we want and really build a brand with a logo and everything.

A super important goal that we are hoping achieve before this summer is getting our drivers license. Yes, we know, this is well overdue but we finally think we're getting over our fear of being behind the wheel. This will give is a ton of independence and definitely boost our confidence.

Growing our hair and achieving healthy hair is another big goal for us. Naptural85 is a huge inspiration, we watch all her videos and can only dream to have hair like hers one day. We've been completely natural for about 5 years but haven't really learned our hair yet or experimented with cute hairstyles. This is definitely something we'll work on this new year.

Being shameless is something we try to remember to do everyday but this year we're making it apart of our lifestyle!

I know it looks like a lot but these are all the elements on our vision board. We have a lot of goals but all of these goals don't necessarily have to be completed before the year is over. These goals are just life goals and new habits to practice in general to hopefully transform our way of living. This is our first time making a vision board and it already has helped motivate us to be more productive. The key to vision boards is remembering to look at it everyday, mentally, it's a way to manifest all these goals into your life and you began to adapt these habits into your everyday life. We highly recommend making one of these every year and the great part about making one is that there are NO RULES. Make your vision board what you want because untimely it's for your eyes only! Hope this helps get you all off to a great start this year!

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