We recently moved into a new house and a larger closet was high up on our "Must Have List" We wanted something that was both functional and esthetically pleasing. Although we still do not have a "huge" closet, it is bigger than what we previously had, which we're so greatful for. #Upgrade! It was a struggle trying to make our previous closet work especially for what we do and the content we make.

Once we got into the new house we immediately wanted to get our closet done. To even attempt fitting our wardrobe in the standard closet was not worth the effort to then only realize it will never work. The closet was made with just one shelf going around the perimeter of the closet. In adition to that, the shelf was placed very high up to where we couldnt even reach it without needing a step stool. This just wasnt practical for us at all. We needed something that would make sense for our wardope.

We got a few suggestions from close family and friends to have a company come in to fully customize a closet for us that will be built around our wardope. Sounds amazing right? It also sounds expensive too, and it definitely was. We have heard a few things in the past about IKEA's closet system, we know its the cheaper route. We wanted cheaper, but we also want quality! Something that'll last along time, somthing sturdy.

Ikea has this great online tool that allows you to plug in the dimensions of your

space and virtually build your closet.

We took a trip to Ikea and met with a specialist to help us design and build a closet that'll best utilize the space in our floorplan. Functionality is so important because we are working with such a small space and have a lot to fill it with.

The process was a lot simpler then we thought. You put in your dimensions, choose the units that'll work best for you, print out the sheet with the product list, get your materials, and take it home. Or in our case, we got our materials delivered next day for a small price. It was SO easy! We then had a seperate company come in the build the closet for us.

This was right after the closet was built. We wanted white units to make the space feel bigger and brighter. Our design is actually pretty simple, we didnt have space for the fancy drawers and laundry basket holder etc... just shelfs and hanging space.

A wall of shoes was the vision we've have for this closet for awhile. We absolutely LOVE shoes and wanted to showcase them beautifully and allow them to be a focal point. On top we placed some of our handbags that'll stand up. However, as our shoe collection expands we will most likely take down the bags and use that space for more shoes.

On the two sides of the closet is our hanging clothes. We've categorize them into 5 different groups. On the top left row is all tops ranging from bodysuits to short sleeve then long sleeve. On the second or middle row on the left is denim jeans, black jeans and kaki jeans. On the last row on the left is skirts and slacks. On the opposite right side, it's broken up into two rows. Top row is outer wear (coats, jackets, cardigans) and dresses. The second row which is on the bottom is hoodies and and sweaters.

That is currently how our closet is organized however that can always change. We're still trying to figure out what will make the most sense and work best for us as far as fuctionality. It defeinitly is a work in progress but so far we love the design of our closet thanks to Ikea!

We hope this gave you a pretty good idea on how to design your own space to make it work for you. Thanks so much for stopping by! XOXO

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