Updated: May 7

For those who may not know, we don't have the best vision. Actually our vision sucks! Since the age of 7, we've always worn glasses to help us see. Once we entered High School we started wearing contact lenses when convenient. Having the option was amazing and gave us the freedom to switch up our look.

When creating content for our brand we often wear contact lenses so our face is more visible. However every once in awhile we like to slip on our glasses because honestly, it's a look too! Especially when the frames have a cool shape and come in such fun patterns.

Our favorite pair of lenses are manufactured by Quay Australia and designed by Desi Perkins. They're the "DON'T @ ME" Tortoise frames. Unfortunately Desi Perkin's contract has ended with Quay Australia and technically she no longer owns the design. Non the less, they're hers and they're amazing. The shape is so flattering on our face and the Tortoise pattern adds a spunky flare to something so essential for our needs.

Who says functionality cannot also be fashion?

We also picked up these frames in black for a more toned down sophisticated option. What is so unique about this design is the arms of the frames. They both come in this chrome finish in either gold or rose gold. This type of detail adds tons of edge to what should we just a basic ordinary pair of glasses.

For those who want the look but don't need the prescription functionality, these still might be the right ones for you. These frames come with a blue light lenses which is great for those who sit behind a computer all day or scroll through Instagram all night! Blue light helps protect your eyes from digital eye strain and decreases your risk of macular degeneration. Luckily they are RX approved so you can take these frames to your optometrist and get your prescription lenses put in, like us!

We're absolutely obsessed with these frames. They're so chic and stylish. Every time we post a picture wearing them we get asked where they're from, so here is the plug. Quay Australia carries some amazing sun glasses and frames for all your seeing needs. Plus they're great quality and affordable. #notsponsered #justafan

So that's it! That's where we get our glasses from. We hope this was informative for those wondering. Huge shoutout to Desi Perkins for designing such a beautiful pair of frames!

Thanks for stopping by xoxo!

Frames are available for purchase on other optical retailers sites! They're no longer available on Quay Australia site. Here are the links.



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