Top 5 natural hair products for healthy moisturized hair (high and low end)

It's no secret that we're no experts when it comes to natural hair. Though, overtime, we've educated ourselves as much as we can about key ingredients, the science behind natural curls and of course we've experinced trial and error throught the journey. Being almost 8 years natural now, here are our top 5 favorite hair products for growth, moisture, shine and overall health of our crown!

Lets start with the product thats our first step on wash day routine, SHAMPOO! This is a step that we definitely dont like to splurge on because it's just cleansing. All we require from our shampoo is to just remove any dirt and/or excess oils and gel that has built up overtime. Latley we've been reaching for the Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo. It's super cost effective, gentle on natural hair, doesn't leave our hair too stripped and does the job perfectly. We purchased ours from Walmart for only $2.99

Next step is CONDITIONER! We're in love with the Pattern Beauty Heavy Conditoner for Coilies. This conditioner is definatley a luxury product but it works wonders in our hair. Not only does it give our hair tons of moisture but it smells amazing! What we love about this product in particular is how it's made for super thick coily hair and it glides through our hair nicely when detangling. During this step is when we really to introduce the moisture back into our hair. This product packs tons of moisture back into the hair right away. This is also a great product for deep conditioning and from time to time. We'll lather this on and slip on a plastic cap to keep the heat in. So versitile and a staple in our routine. You can order this from the Pattern Beauty website or you can purchase it from the Ulta Beauty store. This product is also sold in different sizes. $9 for 3floz, $25 for 13floz, and $42 for 29floz. We have the 29floz pictured above.

Our next step consist of three products, the Melanin Multi-Use Softening Leave In Conditioner, Melanin Twist Elongating Style Cream and Melanin Multi-Use Pure Oil Blend. Also known as the Melanin Haircare Signature Trio. After conditioning and rinsing out our hair, we immediately reach for the Melanin Leave In Conditioner to add extra moisture and keep in the moisture from our previous products in the shower. Next we need to continue add in moisture but also start locking in more moisture. We then grab the Melanin Twist Elongating Style Cream, now is when we begain styling our hair for either a bomb twist out or braid out. As we apply the product we're pulling and twisting our hair to strech our hair. To lock everthing in, we seal our hair with the Melanin Multi-Use Pure Oil Blend. This oil is liquid gold! It smells amazing and gives our hair everlasting moisture. Together, all three of these products is exactly what our hair craves after a good cleansing. You can purchase your Melanin Haircare Trio from their website Each product is sold separately. The Twist Elongating style cream is $16.99, the Multi-Use Pure oil blend is $17.99 and the Multi Use Softening Leave In Conditioner is $18.99. While Melanin Haircare is a little pricey, they are a black women owned, self made company, and thier products come in large quantites.

So those are our top 5 natural hair products to achieve healthy, strong hair. It has definitely been a journey to discover what our hair likes and gives us the results we we're looking for and while some of these products are a little pricey, its important to invest on yourself and products you know will help you achive your hair goals. We have done a review on our Youtube channel on Melanin Haircare and Pattern Beauty. Plus we have an entire playlist of natural hair videos. Check out our Youtube Channel. Thank you so much for stopping by XOXO

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